Who we are

Our founding team are experienced and passionate about making a positive impact on the industry. James has owned and managed his own veterinary clinic, and has a deep understanding of how our technology can transform the industry. E.J. has over 15 years’ experience in building and managing large-scale software solutions (formerly Software Development Manager at Amazon AWS, CTO at CremeGlobal).

We are a customer-focused, product-first company. Everything at VetDrive starts with our customers; understanding what's important to them, identifying the problems they face, and designing elegant and efficient solutions to their problems. Our team includes experienced veterinary professionals, and we work directly with some of the top veterinary practices in Ireland for advice and field research.

What we do

We offer one of the world’s most advanced software packages to help with the delivery of patient care in Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals. The VetDrive product, is a cloud-based integrated solution comprising clinical record management, customer relationship management, inventory, event scheduling, accounting / financial management, and data analytics / business intelligence.

Our data-driven approach enables Veterinary Practices to identify process improvements, drive higher sales, maintain full regulatory compliance, and most importantly to deliver outstanding quality of service to their customers.

Why we do it

Veterinary teams are at their best when they can focus their skills on providing clinical care to their patients. But today, many veterinary teams waste significant effort on administrative and repetitive manual tasks; processes which can, and should, be automated. We want to change that for the better.

Why work here


Veterinary Services is a €100 billion global market – growing at close to 10% annually. People are spending more than ever to ensure their pets get the best available healthcare. But the industry is being held back by the current lack of advanced software tools.

There is potential for significant value to be generated by new products which can fulfill the needs of modern veterinary clinics. Our vision is to build these products and deliver that value to the industry.


You will have the opportunity to learn and build some truly world-leading technology using state-of-art web technologies (our next-generation features include work on data analytics, machine learning, AI, offline-first mobile applications, voice controlled-apps, and multiple ground-breaking integrations with data providers and service providers).

This is an opportunity to make a real impact in a startup environment - be part of this project right from the early stages.


Working at a larger corporation is great, but let’s face it, can also be quite uninspiring. It’s all too common to end up in a siloed team, working maintenance, and dealing with legacy issues.

The work at VetDrive is varied – in the right way. A team with broad interests across the technology stack means we can all contribute ideas and learn from each other.


Making a positive impact on the field of Veterinary Medical Care. It’s very rewarding to know that you can make a real improvement to the care of pets and other animals, their owners and the veterinary team.


We already have a group of loyal customers; highly respected veterinary clinics in Ireland. There is very strong interest throughout the veterinary community for our products. The product-market fit is strong, and we know we are on track to success. Now is a great time to be joining as we build on that early success.

Open roles

Software Development Engineer (Multiple Roles)

Limerick, Ireland / Remote