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Product Features

Lightning-Fast Data Entry

The system flows well as the patient passes through your clinic. It logically brings up the appropriate screen based on whether the patient is arrived, in consult, or completed. This leads to less "clicks" meaning less time spent on the computer, and more time spent with your clients.

Product sales are also streamlined, from auto-complete to find the client and product quickly, to generating or emailing the customers prescription. All done with the minimum of "clicks" for fast customer service.

Integrated Accounting

As VetDrive is a cloud based program, seamless integration is at its core. Your primary accounting needs are dealt with within VetDrive (creating bills, taking payments etc.). This information then syncs with Xero, a world leading accounting software.

Xero gives you the ability to meet all your accounting needs effortlessly. This seamless integration means you won't even know you are leaving VetDrive, as your accounting package is just another tab in your main menu. And don't worry, your accounting contract is all included in our price, and you will never have to deal with Xero directly.

Schedule Management

Possibly the most important tool in VetDrive. This is the centre of the practice management program. The ability to allocate jobs accurately and efficiently is essential for a Veterinary Clinic. The VetDrive calendar allows all staff to see in real time where all vets are, and what they are doing.

It easily lets the user see which vets are available, as the jobs arrive into the clinic. It will even suggest which vet is the most suitable based on their location and availability!

Data Analysis

Let VetDrive crunch the data, while you do what you do best. VetDrive Provides a quick, easy breakdown of your customisable "Key Performance Indicators" (KPIs). It allows you to keep a close eye on your businesses performance without eating up your valuable time.

As VetDrive is designed from the core with data analysis in mind, your KPIs can be almost anything. Compare which clinics are the most profitable on a day, week, month or year. Compare the profit on different products, the performance of "loss leaders", the average time clients are waiting for consults, which vets/reception staff sell the most additional product, how long different vets spend on farm, which vets are the most profitable and why? The list is endless...

Uniquely VetDrive allows you to target areas where you can improve, but also allows you to set goals with specific timelines. Quickly check the "Performance Dashboard" to see are you on track to meet these goals, and if not, why...